What is SmartVAN?

NGP VAN and TargetSmart Communications have teamed up to provide the best enhanced voter data and the best software at the best price. SmartVAN combines the most frequently updated and most robust voter data with NGP VAN’s market-leading VAN field campaign software, which is used by the Obama campaign and virtually every Democratic candidate, as well as most national progressive political organizations and unions.

The Best 50-State Voter File

The 50-state voter file, which is available for the first time to organizations other than the Obama campaign and Democratic candidates (but not to Republicans or those primarily dedicated to electing Republicans), will have at least 250 voter file updates in 2012. It has the greatest depth of voting history and breadth of downballot district information, as well as the most extensive early and absentee vote information available anywhere. TargetSmart uses industry-leading techniques to identify people on the official voter files who have moved or are deceased, making sure you maximize your voter contact budget, and they append the richest set of consumer and interest data, allowing the most sophisticated targeting.

The Best Software

The VAN software is the premier field and voter contact technology, with hundreds of thousands of organizers using the software to win campaigns ranging from the largest field campaign ever (the Obama campaign) to small local races.

VAN’s Create A List is the industry-leading list segmentation tool, delivering a balance of powerful options, intuitive interface, and speed, allowing precision targeting. Sophisticated features enable door-to-door canvassing, including turf cutting, and our free MiniVAN app allows you to use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to collect information at the door, eliminating the soggy clipboard. The VAN provides an array of efficient data entry options including Quick Mark, Grid View, Form View, Bar Code Scanning, and more. And its robust reporting tools power thousands of campaigns. They rely on VAN’s Counts and Crosstabs to analyze the electorate to make strategic decisions, and on VAN’s Canvass Results to see what’s happening on the ground.

Other features include phone banking, sophisticated direct mail segmentation and tracking, robocalling and predictive dialer, and broadcast email. The system features powerful volunteer and event management features, and it is the only field software that integrates with the NGP fundraising and compliance database used by most Democratic and progressive political committees. Advanced optional modules like our Accelerator create a website seamlessly integrated with the VAN, and Social Organizing allows you to let your supporters match their Facebook friends to the voter file, and walks them through tasks like calling their friends to persuade them to vote the right way.

Scaled to Fit Your Needs — and You Can Get Data When You Need It

SmartVAN is scalable for just about any sized operation, from a nationwide campaign to a city council district, and if you don’t need software and just want data, you can have that. Basic training and support are included.

Political consultants — ask us about Consultant VAN. We’ll give Democratic political consultants access to SmartVAN to pull lists, run counts and crosstabs, and get your results immediately — without going through us.